Gameplay of Developer

Developer team also play the game.

We will strive to prevent unfair play based on the following three principles.

(1) Prohibit the use of insider information for selfish play

(2) Prohibition of acts that significantly impede players' gains/opportunities

(3) Prohibition of acts that damage the sense of trust in the management

Specific insider rules are as follows

About Units (NFT)

  • Purchase of LL units 30 minutes after the start of the LL unit sale : Prohibited

*No restrictions on Delta Summon.

  • Buying and selling assets on the market (including external services) based on insider (pre-public) information : Prohibited

  • Lock-up period : Prohibited to sell for 1 month after purchase in LL unit sale from the end of the sale.

  • There are no restrictions on selling units acquired through Delta Summons.

  • Activities other than selling can be performed (burn, use for marketing, etc.)

Various competitions.

Obtaining prizes in various competitions : Possible

*Operations may only use assets obtained by themselves and may not use assets owned by the operation.

*Governance vote may change as to whether Developer team may receive game-playing compensation.

About FT.

  • 3-week sell ban after introduction of $BPC,$ELS.

  • If $BPC is acquired in-game, it is prohibited to sell it for 6 weeks.

  • If $ELS is acquired in-game, it will be consumed in-game in principle.

  • Prohibition of trading for 3 months after the decision to list on the CEX.

  • Prohibition of trading in such a way as to cause a lack of liquidity.

  • Prohibition against the intentional fluctuation of the price by trading.

*BPCp,ELSp can be earned in-game.

*$BPC,ELS use in the game is allowed.


  • Regarding collaboration assets with other games, trading of such collaboration assets for 6 weeks after the announcement is prohibited.

*This excludes cases where it is essential for the operation of this service, such as for testing.

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