Boost & status ailments

Some Skills can boost the status of allies or give status ailment to the enemies. These skills will activated before damage effect and HP healing effect.
Of course, some skills can heal HP or remove these status ailments. Let's create your party that can win in any situation!
Both Boost and Status ailments have the period that are valid, and that are consumed after the unit take actions.
※The units who use boost/ status ailments skill do not consume the action which caused the skill to activate.

List of Boost Effect

  • ATK Boost        ・・・Add ATK by xx % of target unit's ATK
  • MAG Boost       ・・・Add MAG by xx % of target unit's MAG
  • DEF Boost       ・・・Add DEF by xx % of target unit's DEF
  • SPR Boost       ・・・Add SPR by xx % of target unit's SPR
  • AGI Boost       ・・・Add AGI by xx % of target unit's AGI
  • Reduce elemental damage  ・・・Reduce the damage from x element by xx %
  • Boost elemental damage ・・・Boost the damage to some element by xx %
  • Boost BB ATK     ・・・Boost the damage by Brave Burst by xx %
  • Negates status ailments

List of Status Eilment

Status Eilment
HP is reduced between 5% and 10% after every action of the unit
30% reduction of ATK
30% reduction of DEF
30% reduction of MAG
30% reduction of SPR
30% reduction of AGI
30% reduction of HP healing amount(Allies only)
Increase the ratio to get status eilments(Enemies only, +20%) 20% rise of the weak element damage(Enemies only)
Unable to take action in next action
Unable to use Brave Burst(sphere and art skills are available)
Enemies will choose the unit with Taunt as a target (75%) (Except the skill of "Attack all")

Taunt Effect

If there is more than one unit with taunt effect in one party, the units in upper & front position will be chosen first.
※Order: Front upper→Front Middle→Front bottom→Back upper→Back bottom.