Invite Friends & Get BFH Point

Rewards are being increased for the campaign!

Before Changes Inviter: 200 BFH Points Invitee: 1000 BFH Points

After Changes Inviter: 500 BFH Points Invitee: 1500 BFH Points

By meeting the following three conditions, you will receive 500 BFH Points for you and 1,500 BFH Points for your friend" as a gift:

1, Join Prime Program and get your Invite Code 2, Share your code with your friends and they input the code when they create accounts 3, They join Prime Program for the first time

There is no upper limit to the number of rewards earned. Additionally, every time you invite someone, you will receive 500 BFH Points as a gift. ※You also need to be Prime Member to receive. ※This campaign will end as soon as the "Get 1600 ELSP by exchanging 1,500 BFH points Campaign" concludes.

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