Demon Slayers Championship(DSC)

Demon Slayers Championship(DSC)

‌DSC is the biggest tournament that will decide the strongest Demon Slayers in the world!!

Captains can select 5 members(including Captain) and can request to join the tournament

DSC is planned to be held every two months - the month when WCC is not held.


5 members are considered as one team and will join the team tournament. *The tournament table will be decided randomly.

The 1st and 2nd winning Demon Slayers of the previous DSC will be given priority in the tournament to be seeded.


1.Demon Slayer's special emblem・・・Demon Slayers ranked 1st - 2nd, best 4 will receive

2.Winner's special emblem・・・Participants of Demon Slayers ranked 1st - 2nd, best 4 will receive

3.ZEL to guild vault・・・Demon Slayers ranked 1st - 2nd, best 4 and best 8will receive

4.Spheres・・・Demon Slayers ranked 1st - 2nd, best 4, best 8 and best 15 will receive


Team Rewards


L: 5

2nd (Silver)

E: 5

Best 4 (3rd and 4th)

R: 5

Best 8 (5th - 8th)

U : 5

Best 16 (9th - 16th)

C : 5

Team Rewards are belong to the representatives of DSC.

Guild Rewards will be discontinued for now. *contents are subject to change.

Embrems are different according to ranking.

Embrems have to be returned at the next tournament. Sphere will remains.

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