🔰General Q&A


Q. Can I use my Metamask Wallet?

A. Yep! Logging on PC with your Metamask Wallet will work fine.


Q. What does “Drop” mean?

A. Drops occur after quests; it is your potential to obtain a rare Sphere. There is a limited Supply of each item which is shown (example: Famous Blade: 1/4800)

Q. want an Original sphere! Tell me more about drop rates and my chances! A. Drop probabilities per node are not made public.


Q. How do I get EXP? A. Get EXP by winning battles in Quests. Quest occur in waves and a character must survive all waves in order to receive EXP at the end Q. How does Elemental Damage work? A.

Q. My Unit isn’t leveling up after Battle.. A. It’s possible that it’s level has been maxed out. Or, if it died before all waves of a quest were complete, it will not receive EXP.


Q. How do you Upgrade/Level Up Spheres? (Sphere Fusion) A. With Sphere Fusion, Original Spheres from Novice to Legendary can be Upgraded. Replica Spheres are used to Upgrade Original Spheres

Q. Do Spheres disappear after 7 days? A. Equipped Spheres can only be used (in battle) for 7 days but remain in your inventory for later Fusion. Unequipped replicas do not have an expiration date.

Q. I have sooo many Replica Sphere! What should I do with them!? A. Use them for Sphere Fusion (Upgrading other Items)

Q. What are the different rarities of Spheres? Original ・Legendary ・Epic ・Rare ・Uncommon ・Common ・Novice

Replica (in descending order) ・ A, B, C, D, E, F


Q. What are Title Matches? A. An official PvP event held by BFH. Players have 10 Battle Points (BP) every 24 hours to use. Becoming higher Ranked on the leaderboard rewards BFH Points or titles.


Q. How many Units will be released? A. 600 Units are proposed.

Selling Assets (TofuNFT)

Q. How do I sell my Units or Spheres A. With tokenization/token activation you’ll be able to bring Units and Spheres on-chain to be sold on external marketplaces like TofuNFT. The following conditions apply to Tokenize a Hero:

  1. Not in the party

  2. Lv.2 or higher

  3. Art is edited

  4. It has been 24 hours since the in-game transfer or the end of sale.

  5. It has been 24 hours since the Title match (If the Unit was used in that match)

In addition, it takes BPC/BPCp to Tokenize and a Gas Fee is levied by the Ethereum Network.

*It is compatible with the Polygon network and can be tokenized for a cost of 1 BPC/BPCp. *It is compatible with the HOME Verse network and can be tokenized at no cost.


Q. How can I increase my Stamina? A. If you own NFT Units (Uncommon, Rare, Epic, or Legendary) the upper limit of your Stamina will increase.

Prime Program

Q. What is the Prime Program? A. A monthly subscription service offered by BFH giving special perks to paying users.

Q. How much does it cost A. Players can join for $4.99/month using ETH or credit card.

Q. What do I receive? A.


Q. What time zone does BFH follow? A. All events are listed in UTC, please convert to your local timezone: https://savvytime.com/converter/utc

That about sums it up folks! Let us know in comments or on Discord if there’s other Questions or Sections you’d like covered!

Enjoy playing!

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