Guild Vault/ Campaign

Guild Vault

The Guild Vault is like a safe of your demon slayers.

There are two ways of usage as of now. 1, Activate Guild Campaigns 2, Increase the limit of members

The amount of ZEL that each member has contributed to the savings is recorded, and a monthly ranking is also posted.

How to add ZEL?

  1. Sell your metal ingots to the land EXP Exchange of your lands(Scheduled to be discontinued after after the start of BFH 2.0)

  2. But EXP from the land EXP Exchange of your land(Scheduled to be discontinued after the start of BFH 2.0)

  3. Donation(Scheduled to be discontinued after the start of BFH 2.0)

  4. Rewards of DSC

  5. Rewards of Raid Buttle


By using ZEL in the Guild Vault, campaigns will be activated for all members in Demon Slayers for 7 days.

*Members who join/ leave after the activation of campaigns will not get the benefits of the campaigns.



30 Stamina potion

Getting one 30 stamina potion per day

(Stamina potion is valid only 7days)

Status Buff

+3% Buff status of units in quest

Increase Land Quest Limits

Add 2 land quest challenge limits(except EX Land Quest)

Increase the rate of FM

Increase the rate of happening Frontier Mission


Add +20% EXP in normal quest

100 Stamina potion

Getting one 100 stamina potion per day(Stamina potion is valid only 7days)

Guild Vault resets at 3pm UTC on the last day of every month. Rest ZEL will be transferred into Land Treasury of next month.

Please check the required ZEL to activate campaigns in game. The contents and required ZEL will be changed and updated.

This will not duplicated with Land Treasury and Land campaign

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