Frontier Mission


What is Frontier Mission?

Frontier Mission is a new types of quest that occurs suddenly after you clear node. And you would challenge with other players.
Frontier Mission will occurs when you clear node with a certain probability. Frontier Mission is Users VS monsters or VS Boss battle mode.
There are two types of "Frontier Missions". Normal Frontier Missions, which occur from normal quests, and Land Quests, which occur from land Quest.
Land Frontier Missions are more difficult than normal frontier missions. So, when you take on the challenge, make sure you have a recovery unit in your party and recruit more participants.
The original Sphere can be dropped in the Land Frontier mission, so you'll be able to get the original Sphere. We recommend you to join the Land and give it a try.

The procedure

  1. 1.
    Create a lobby with a requirement of party Lv and comments.
  2. 2.
    Select the party that you would fight with.
  3. 3.
    Start Missions or wait until the Mission will be started. (You can start with more than 2 players)
  4. 4.
    The battle with Monsters will occur
  5. 5.
    Fight with other players against Monsters
  6. 6.
    Earn rewards after you clear Mission.
You can start the missions if you have more than 2 participants.

Discoverer and Participant

There are two types of roles for Frontier Mission, "Discoverer " and "Participant". *Discoverer points the player who occurs Frontier Mission, and participants points other member.
Discoverer will set the requirement for participants, set the comment and start the missions. And they can select who can join the mission: "All Players", "Land Member" or "Guild Member".* *In Land Frontier Mission, they can choose from "Land Member" or "Guild Member".
You can have 10 Frontier Missions(not including land) at most.
Participants can see/select mission via Quest -> Frontier Mission. You need to spend 1 entry count to participate, but you can regain 1 entry count per hour.
The number of times you can participate can usually be kept and restored in the land, respectively, so you can use various missions.


Frontier Mission will be basically team battle, therefore when you encounter multiple parties, the number of available BB will be remained from the previous battle.
Rewards can be claimed from the result display when the mission is cleared. *It won't be available to claim rewards in 3 days after it's displayed.
There are 2 types of rewards, one is "Team rewards" and the other one is "Discoverer rewards". Discoverer can receive both of them. All of participants can claim "Team rewards" when you clear the mission, so let's participate actively!

Original Sphere

The original Sphere of the Land Frontier Mission is buried in each country and acquired in each country.
There is a limit to the number of pieces you can get from the lands. The maximum number of items that can be acquired in each country per type is as follows.
Numbers buried