EXP Exchange

EXP Exchange has beentemporarily shut down after the start of BFH 2.0.

This is the facility exclusively for Prime member. There are 2 things that you can do here,

①Sell replica Sphere(=EXP) and earn ZEL ②Purchase Unit EXP with ZEL

The price of EXP will be determined by the amount of EXP and ZEL in exchange.

You can get more ZEL when there’s more ZEL and fewer EXP in the exchange when you sell your replicas. On the other hand, you can get more Unit EXP for a smaller amount of ZEL when there’s more EXP and fewer ZEL on the exchange.

Please be aware that there is a possibility of resetting or adjusting the facility according to player usage, the savings EXP of the EXP exchange, and the status of ZEL.

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