Land EXP Exchange

Land EXP Exchange has been temporarily shut down after the start of BFH 2.0.

Land EXP Exchange

Each Land has its own Land EXP Exchange. There are two features in Land EXP Exchange ( ※Needs Prime Membership to use )

Feature 1 : Sell Metal Ingots of its element and get ZEL

Feature 2:Spend ZEL and get EXP

All players will share each Land EXP Exchange.

Rate of exchange

The amount of EXP stored in the exchange, as well as the amount of ZEL, determines the amount of ZEL you will earn and the price of EXP when you trade. The amount of savings will fluctuate depending on the EXP of the Metal Ingots delivered, and a part of the ZEL that is paid will be saved on the exchange.

The more ZEL it has saved and the less EXP it has, the more ZEL you will get when you deliver Metal Ingots. Conversely, if the amount of EXP it has saved is high and the amount of ZEL is low, you will have to pay less ZEL to purchase EXP.

Land EXP Exchange’s calculation formula and variables may be different from the normal EXP Exchange.

Land Treasury and Guild Vault

The basic specifications are the same as those of the normal EXP Exchange, but a portion of the ZEL you earn from delivering metal ingots will be deposited into the Land Treasury or Guild Vault of the country where the dedicated EXP exchange is located.

In addition, a portion of the EXP purchase cost will also be credited to the Land Treasury of the country where the dedicated EXP exchange is located, as well as the Guild's Vault.

For example, if you sell your fire metal ingots or buy EXP for fire units, some ZEL will be credited to the Land Treasury even though you don't belong to Agni [ Fire element ].(You can sell your metal ingot only to the EXP Exchange where you belong to)

Please check the help below for the treasury and vault.

Please note that we may change or adjust the contents depending on situations.

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