Accessories are items that can be to your advantage in battle. They both contain Rarity and a Skill. * Accessories do not directly increase stats. * All accessories are off-chain assets
Accessories are mainly obtained by being created in the Land Make Factory

Regarding Accessory Skills

Accessory Skills have certain conditions that first must be met before it is launched in battle (similar to Brave Burst). Additionally, Accessory Skills have a set number or times it can be utilized.
The higher the rarity, the higher the effect and conditions of the skill.
Accessory Skills are initiated prior to the Sphere Skills, Art Skills, and BraveBurst that the Player holds. Also, when an Accessory Skill fires the Action count increases by 1 but does not count towards a User's turn. Powering up effects as well as Status ailments are not performed on the player if a Skill fires. *Poison damage does not occur.
During WCC Prelims (League Play) multiple battles are performed, but the Utilization number will only decline by 1 per day. In the WCC Finals and Demon Slayers Cup (Team Play) with every single match the Utilization number will decrease by 1

Regarding Utilization

Accessories have a set number of uses.
①Quests and Land Quests ②Frontier Mission ③Player Matches (Arena) Using an Accessory outside of these places reduces the number of times it can be utilized.
Once the Utilization number becomes 0, the Accessory skill can not be performed.

More on the usage of Accessories

Accessories can be exchangeable in the marketplace.
Accessory skills may be modified, adjusted, or added as needed in the future.
This information is subject to change
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