Prohibited actions for inquiries

At the inquiry desk, we strive to resolve customer issues, make valuable opinions and suggestions come true, and provide them. When contacting us, please refrain from making any comments or actions that include the following.

・Acts that threaten or intimidate ・Remarks or acts that contain discriminatory or sexual content ・Insulting or defamatory statements or actions ・Request for excessive service provision ・Requests for apology or punishment of persons involved in this service without reasonable grounds ・Long-term restraint due to repeated similar requests or complaints ・Acts posting slander comments, inquiry details via SNS, etc ・Other statements or actions that are inappropriate based on social norms

If we determine that the above-mentioned behavior, we may refuse to respond to the user in the future. Additionally, we will take resolute action against any actions that we deem to be malicious, including the filing of criminal charges and damage reports, as well as appropriate legal measures.

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