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At the exchange, you can spend BFH points and exchange them for original spheres and consumable items. The exchange lineup will be added periodically.

Original Sphere Price

It uses a Dutch auction system in which prices fall over time and rise when purchased.
[Start Price] ・ Existing Sphere LEGEND : 50,000 BFH points EPIC : 20,000 BFH points RARE : 10,000 BFH points UNCOMMON : 3,000 BFH points COMMON : 1,000 BFH points
・Limit Sphere LEGEND : 75,000 BFH points EPIC : 30,000 BFH points
[Minimum Price when no one bid] LEGEND : 6,000 BFH points EPIC : 2,000 BFH points RARE : 600 BFH points UNCOMMON : 200 BFH points COMMON : 100 BFH points Also, when there is a successful bid, the minimum price will not be less than 60% of the last purchased price of the sphere.

Lock-up Period

Once RARE or higher spheres are exchanged, the exchange of RARE or higher spheres will not be possible for a certain period of time as a lock-up period.
[Lock-up Period] LEGEND:7days EPIC:3days RARE:12hours
*In the case of items that have reached zero stock in the exchange, they may be added again if they have not reached the maximum number of items to be issued. *Title Match Limited Sphere will be available at the exchange following the end of distribution and change of rewards in the Title Match.
*Spheres obtained from the exchange will be restricted from listing in the gift market for 24 hours after acquisition. *The sales method is subject to change with prior notice. *Points cannot be returned.