Frontier Gate

What is Frontier Gate?

Frontier Gate is ranking event to compete for the result of continuous battles against enemies.

There is no entry fee or limit to the number of challenges, so you can try as many times as you like throughout the period.

There are multiple difficulty levels available, but you can try either one.


It is formed by the results of battles until the battle is cleared (or defeated).

The factors that determine the ranking are as follows

  1. Clear Stages

  2. Total Action Counts

  3. Added Damage ๏ผ Taken Damage

Even if you are defeated in the middle of a battle, you will be ranked according to your record up to the last battle you cleared.


There are two Rewards: "Ranking Reward" & "Clear Reward"

  • Ranking Reward

    • BFH Points and so on

    • Distributed after the event based on the ranking.

  • Clear Reward

    • Stamina Potion, Metal Ingots and so on.

    • Distributed when you clear (or defeated)

    • BFH Points and so on

You can get Clear Reward once per account


In Frontier Gate, there are special Battle Rule and Party Rule.

Battle Rule

  1. HP remains between battles *If you change your Sphere during interval, HP will be calculated based on the remain HP rate.

  2. BB count, Buff, Debuff will be reset when each battle ends.

Party Rule

  1. You can change your units(including KO unit) during the interval of battles.

  2. You can not re-use the units who were changed once or knocked out once in previous battles.

  3. There are asset rarity regulation for each difficulty level.

  4. There are asset rarity limits for each difficulty level.

Content is subject to change.

The difficulty level will be adjusted as needed.

Publish history

You can publish your highest-performing battles to other users.

You can make your battles public for free, but you can also set a publication fee and earn the publication fee paid for viewing.

Once a player has purchased a history, if he/she updates his/her highest score, he/she will lose the right to view the history and will need to purchase the right to view the highest score again. Also, please note that you can't change the publication fee or turn your publication settings on or off until the next event.

After March 2023, payment in Zell was discontinued and replaced by payment in BPC/BPCP.

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