Title Match ver 1.0

What is Title Match?

The Title Match is an official PvP event held on a regular basis.

During the period of a Title Match, you can gain or lose BP ( Battle Point ) by battling against other players. You will get more BP by winning against a player who has more points.

Title Match Rankings are decided based on BP. The higher your BP, the higher your ranking will be!

You can get rewards ( Spheres ) or titles. The higher your rank is, The better the rewards. ※You can check your title in your profile page ( future function )

You can gain or lose BP when you are attacked. A win will increase your BP, and a loss will decrease it.

The point you can gain or lose in defense is limited between +100 and -100 per day. And it is reset at UTC 3pm

Rules and Requirements

There are some rules and requirements for each title match.

Title Matches are free to join, so feel free to come in and enjoy.

There are limits to attacking other players in a day. The count will be reset at UTC 3 pm. There is a cooldown time for a certain minutes before you can attack another player after your previous attack.

You can attack players within 50 ranks from your current ranking.

※You can’t join multiple title matches when they are held at the same time.

Determination of ranking

Rankings will be determined by the amount of acquired BP. When there are two or more players with the same amount of BP, the rankings will be determined as follows: ( Condition 2 applies only if Condition 1 is the same )

Here are the conditions to get a unique ranking when players have the exact same BP. ( Condition 2 will be used only when Condition 1 is exactly the same )

1, The sum of added damage ranking(As Attackers) 2, The order of joining the title match

Note that the amount of BP you can gain or lose is based on the BP difference between you and your opponent.

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