Raid Battle

What is Raid Battle?

Raid Battle is a PvE event where players form a party and battle against boss monsters to earn points and earn rewards.

There is no participation fee, but the number of challenges per day is limited, so challenge every day to earn points!

Some rewards can be earned by earning points for the entire user base, Land, and the demon slayers, so try to earn all the rewards! You can also increase your points earned by using the EXP of your party's units. Let's make use of your EXP to earn points!


You can earn points for the damage dealt to the boss monster.

Also, if you defeat the boss monster, you'll earn more points for defeating it!


Reward Type

  • Achievement Reward

    • All

    • Personal

    • Land - ZEL for Land Treasury

    • Guild(Demon Slayer) - ZEL for Guild Vault

  • Ranking Reward

    • Land - Emblem

    • Guild - Emblem

    Rewards will be distributed after the event except personal achievement Reward.

To get the achievement point of all players, you have to finish SMS Auth and challenge the boss at least 6 times. (and distributed once for one number)


Battle Rule

  1. Even if you fail to defeat the boss monster or are defeated, you'll earn points based on the damage you took at that point.

  2. The boss monster's HP will be carried over until you beat it.

  3. At the end of each battle, the Boss Monster's BB usage count, buffs, and debuffs will be reset.

  4. After you beat it, the boss monster's HP will be full and you can try again.


There are three levels of difficulty: beginner, advanced, and super-grade, each with a different maximum HP. Depending on your party, you can gain a lot of points by fighting boss monsters of higher ranks.

The event rules and other content may be subject to change.

The difficulty level will be adjusted each time.

BFH Points

BFH Points, which is a reward of raid event can be exchanged in "Exchange" for items.

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