As the members of Akras Summoners' Hall continue surveying unexplored territories, they encountered a mysterious location with a powerful energy reading. "Cryptos"โ€•a strange new world.

This peculiar place seems to have unique properties that set it apart from anywhere else, as any summoned heroes or weapons there can be collected as assets.

The World of Cryptos welcomes those who: โ€• Enjoy gathering weapons and raising heroes โ€• Desire to create new assets โ€• Aim for profit through trading โ€• Seek to dominate the world as "Cryptos's Strongest Summoner" Cryptos is a place unlike any other, where the memories of heroes echo into the distant future and transcends reality as you live alongside them.

Now, as the wheels of fate turn once more, a new legend starring a heroic Summoner begins to unfold...

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