Art/ Art Skill

You can edit your units' skins by using the "Art" function.

You can upload any images you like, and create your original unit ※Its image will be resized into 64*64.

Your units will acquire art skills based on the images that you uploaded.

It costs 50 ELS or 1 Silver Card to add a new art. ( First art edit is free )

Units can keep a maximum of 3 art skills, and you can change it anytime. ※If you want to add more skills, the unit has to forget 1 art skill.

When the art of a unit is edited for the first time, the growth trend of each status will be changed randomly. Your Unit becomes unique(because skin and status are different from others!) ※You can change the growth trend of status by consuming its EXP.

Uploading of copyrighted or trademarked images, images that identify individuals, or images that third parties may find offensive is prohibited.

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