Brave Burst

A “Brave Burst” is a Unit’s special skill, and every unit has their own unique Brave Burst. Brave Bursts cannot be changed, and unlike Sphere and Art Skills where players can decide at which turn the skills will activate, Brave Bursts has “trigger conditions” that needs to be met. Once those conditions are met, a Unit will be able to activate their Brave Burst. Brave Bursts are your Unit’s trump card in battle.

Players are advised to take into account Brave Bursts in their party planning. Build a well-balanced party with great synergistic properties and decimate your opponents!

BB:the condition of BB「First KO:」 ・When the units who have the BB get KO at the same time, only 1 unit will activate its BB. ・When BB is activated, all Buff and debuff(status ailments) are removed. And re-calculate the status from default if the BB has Buff or debuff(edit on 11th May) ・When both parties is all KO at same time(because of this "First KO" BB), the party which use BB later will win. ・When the units who have the BB get KO with the damage from Poison Effect, its BB won't be activated.

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