Prime Program

Prime Program is a monthly subscription service. You can join the program through ETH (Ethereum Mainnet), OAS (HOME Verse), or credit card payment. * If you join the program by using credit card, it's gonna be automatically updated. *It may take approximately 1 hour for the payment to be reflected. Prime rewards

  1. Increase the upper cap of Stamina by 50

  2. Increase the Stamina reset times by 1(Updated daily at midnight)

  3. Increased amount of login bonus rewards

  4. Double the EXP you get from quests

  5. Increase the number of party slot by 7

  6. Right to access EXP Exchange(※1)

  7. Right to challenge to the highest rank quest

  8. Right to participate in prior sales(※2)

  9. Right to make the invite code

  10. Right to participate in Rare Class or higher Rank Matches

  11. Right to participate in Gladiator Class or higher Title Matches

  12. Addition of "Fast Quest" feature for quests

  13. Half off gift fees

  14. Receive Novice Sphere "Flesh Armor" when you join Prime for the first time.

  15. Receive 7 Novice unit when you join Prime for the first time. ・God Blade Mifune ・Arwen(※3) ・Daikichi(※3) ・Sidonia(※3) ・Leonola(※3) ・Forte(※3) ・Helga(※3)

  16. Unlocking the maximum reward for Raid Battles(※4)

※1.This system will be discontinued in the future.

※2.Prior sales may not take place during the Prime subscription period.

※3.Added effective December 1, 2022. Units will be awarded at the time you renew your Prime if you have already joined for the first time. Units will not be awarded to those who already have units from previous campaigns. ※4.The system will be adapted from raid battles held on or after the start of BFH 2.0.


$4.99 (1 month)


※SMS Authentication is required to join Prime Program. ※Only one account can join Prime Program with one Phone Number. ※Multiple prime subscriptions across different accounts for a single user is STRICTLY PROHIBITED. Actions such as banning of account will be taken upon violation.

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