Land Mass

About Land Mass (Volume)

Land Mass (Volume) is used for land-related content. By owning it, you can use it for activities such as constructing and expanding Land Edit facilities, including:

  • Expanding the "Base Camp" where you can obtain enhancement materials.

  • Constructing and expanding the "Training Center" to strengthen units.

  • Constructing and expanding the "Factory" for accessory production.

How to Obtain Land Mass (Volume)

Purchasing Land Mass

Land Mass can be purchased with BPC/BPCP in the in-game market.

Additionally, a limited quantity is available for purchase with Gems as a one-time offer.

*Available starting June 6, 2024.

Land Mass purchased through Land Mass sales is tied to your account and cannot be transferred to others.

Purchasing Territory

By owning Territory, you can obtain Land Mass according to its rarity.

Territory can be acquired through user-to-user transactions in both the in-game and external markets.

As of June 2024, the sale of Territory by the administration has ended, and there are no plans for reselling by the administration.

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