Land Total War

*The event is currently suspended.

Land Total Wars is a special battle involving all units belonging to Land.

Land Total Wars is an extension of WCC where 2 Lands become Allies and battle other Allied Lands. Over the course of 3 rounds on a 5x5 panel, players fight for victory

Allied Nations

WCC Result

Allied Nation 1

Ranks 1 & 6

Allied Nation 2

Ranks 2 & 5

Allied Nation 3

Ranks 3 & 4

※Allied Nations are formed based off the most recent WCC results. ※Each Allied Nation name is derived from the Elements that make it up

About Panels

Using 25x25 (or 9x9) Panels, Total War occurs with team battles contesting for the panels. Although consisting of 3 rounds, the Allied Nations with the most Panels after the 2nd round are claimed the victor. Panels have 3 parts.

  1. Rarity Limitations

  2. Elemental Limitations

  3. Battle Order

Rarity Limits and Elemental Limits display the Assets that can be used within that Panel. This is discerned by the Icon displayed within the panel, however pressing down on the panel will reveal more details. Note: There are instances where both Rarity and Elemental Limits are displayed.

In the case of multiple Rarity limits, the icon will become a Square, when there is only one Rarity limit, it is denoted by a Rhombus.

Party and Camp Stationing

Within Panels, Each user can place a "Camp" per "One Party", per number of Territories in their possession.

Parties can equip Spheres and Accessories and more in accordance with limitations set by the Panel.

Teams form if users from the same Allied Nation select the same panel ※Battle order is decided at random

Please note that depending on the Camp, stationed Units that make up the Party will not be able to equip spheres.

Because Parties may not be able to equip accessories, instead depending on the land territory they will be able to station multiple Units.

Land Rarity

Units that can be stationed in Panel







※Depending on the stationing, Parties may be formed randomly with Units from other User's Camps.

Battle Order: 1st - Party that formed based off Camp 2nd - Placed Parties not from Camps

If within the allotted Time, both Party and Camp can be re-deployed.

Battle Processing & Panel Modifications

Battles are processed and determined by the "Battle Order" written within a Panel

The above image shows the "2nd" Battle occurring.

With results being processed in order, Your Panels will change depending if your Allied Nations won or lost the battle.


※Battles that have yet to occur will have not been changed.

Deciding the Victor

By the 2nd round, the 3 round battle Victor and Loser will have been decided.

Each Allied Country will do the same rounds of battles with the opposition. The winner will be the Allied country with the most victories in the end

The winner of each round is determined by the total number Panels taken, if there is a tie, the difference between the damage dealt and the damage taken will determine the winner of each round.

Regarding Rankings, if there are an equal number of winners and losers among the allies, ranking will be determined by "Total number of panels won" > "Total damage and damage difference".

Other Info

Please note that assets placed in your party or team will be locked from trade or transfer until the end of the Round. Also, please note that departure from Land will be temporarily locked before and after battle processing.

Contents are subject to change.

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