"Stamina" will be consumed as you challenge quests and other types of battles. 1 point of Stamina is recovered every 5 minutes.

Stamina won't recover past your limits or cap.

You can't recover Stamina by paying ZEL or ETH, however, you can instantly recover your Stamina to maximum a certain number of times a day. Once you reach your instant recovery limit, you won't be able to recover your Stamina until next 3 pm (UTC). Natural Stamina recovery is active all the time ( 1 Stamina every 5 minutes )

Your excess instant stamina recoveries will be removed during reset.

You can instantly recover your stamina once a day, however, users subscribed to the Prime program will be able to recover their Stamina twice a day.

When you have NFT Units(Common, Uncommon, Rare, Epic or Legendary), your stamina limit will increase for each type of NFT units you own.

When you sell your units in the market or tokenize them, your stamina limit will be decreased. Please note that the stamina exceeding the limit will be removed.

If you own more than one NFT unit with the same avatar, only the stamina of one unit will be credited.

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