Gem Shop

What is the Gem?

"Gem" is a new in-game currency set to be introduced on April, 2024.

Users will be able to purchase Gems using credit cards or stablecoins, and they are planned to be used for items targeted at beginners, among other things.

The validity period for purchased Gems is until the end of the fifth month following the purchase.

As of April 2024, Gems will be available for a limited set of uses.

Uses of Gems

  • Payment for the Unit Level MAX feature (Gem composition)

  • Transfer fee for assets to the Ethereum network

  • Beginner sets (to be implemented in the future)


More uses for Gems will be added in the future.

How to Purchase Gems

Gems can be purchased in the Brave Frontier Heroes game under "Market" → "Gem Shop."

Purchase Steps

①Age confirmation

Choose whether you are under 17 or 18 and over. *If under 17, the maximum amount you can purchase per month is $200.

②Terms and Conditions

Review the terms of use and the specific commercial transactions and check "I (or parent or guardian if under the age of 17) agree to all of the above terms."

③Select the Amount of Gems to Purchase

Select the image of Gems with the desired amount. *Multiple selections are not possible.

④Make the Payment

For credit card payments:

Press the "Purchase" button and enter your credit card information on the redirected site. The Gem balance will be reflected within a few minutes after the transaction is complete.

You can check your Gem balance under "Point List."

Please note that if it takes more than 30 minutes from pressing the purchase button to completing the registration and payment of your card information, you'll need to restart the purchase process.

For token payments:

Select the chain where you hold the desired token.

*You may need to reselect due to automatic network switching.

Available chains include Oasys, Polygon, Ethereum.

Select the desired token.

Available tokens include USDT, USDC.

Pressing the purchase button will prompt your wallet for token usage authorization. After authorization is complete, the wallet will prompt again for payment confirmation. The Gem balance will reflect a few minutes after the transaction is complete.

Note: Transaction times may vary based on the chain's congestion.

Please be aware that transactions on "Ethereum" and "Polygon" may take considerable time.

You can check your Gem balance under "Point List."

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