On that day, a mysterious gate suddenly opened in the sky above Cryptos. The noxious air overflowing from the gate covered all of Cryptos, and the conventional summoning system ceased to function properly. The Akras Summoners investigated the gate to determine the cause and discovered that it leads to the other world of "Eldoradia."

Although Eldoradia once had a prosperous past, there was no sign of its inhabitants, only ferocious demons striding about on the remnants of civilization that had been swallowed by the dense wilderness. What they found was a mysterious substance called "Eldoshard," which occupies most of the land, and research literature on it.

Eldoshard is a mysterious ore that contains various information, such as people's memories and genes. According to the literature of the time, people were repeatedly reincarnated through this ore. Based on these documents, the Akras Summoners developed "Memoria Generation," which produces memory fragments, "Memoria," from the Eldoshard that holds information about heroes. Furthermore, they developed "Delta Summoning," which combines these Memorias to summon new heroes.

In addition, the Akras Summoners, considering the danger of being able to summon heroes from resources readily available to anyone, issued "Brave Power Crystal" as proof that a summoner is worthy of trust. The rules were revised so that only powerful summoners could summon powerful heroes.

With their newfound power, the summoners began to pioneer the ancient city of Eldoradia, where vicious demons were rampant. Unaware that this pioneering work would lead to the resurrection of the vicious "Twin Gods"...

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