Land Quest

Land Quest

Land Quests are country-specific quests with a limited number of entries per day. There are two types of land quests - "Normal Land Quest" and "EX Land Quest".

  • Normal Land Quest

    • Every citizen can challenge this 5 times a day.

  • EX Land Quest

    • Only land( territory ) owners can challenge.

    • Rarities and numbers of your own territories will decide how many times and where you can challenge.

EXP items ( called Metal Ingot ) will be dropped. Metal Ingots contain EXP which you can use to feed and level up your units. Each Metal Ingot has an element. Please take note that Metal Ingots can only be used on units with the same element.

Metal Ingot drops will be of the same element as the country where it dropped.

If you belong to a country, it is recommended that you enter the country with an eye on the units you want to develop and those you want to obtain in the future.

You can use them from "Assets" > "Composition" > "Units"

The Challenge limit resets every 3 pm UTC

f you have land territory from a country you don’t belong to, you will still be able to challenge the EX Land Quest of that country.

Please note that there is an upper limit of "EX Land Quest" is 10 per quest & day. It means if you have 11 Epic territories of Agni, you are only able to challenge Land Quest★★★★ of fire(Agni) at 10 times, not 11 times. (however, you can challenge Land Quest★★★★ of another land if you have the territories)

Land Quest Table



Required Rarity of territories

Challenge Limit

Land Quest★

Normal Land Quest


5 times/ day

Land Quest★★

EX Land Quest


Number of U territories / day

Land Quest★★★★

EX Land Quest


Number of E territories / day

Land Quest★★★★★

EX Land Quest


Number of L territories / day

The higher the number of ★, the easier it is to drop expensive metal ingots. For possible item drops, please see the drop item list for each land quest.

Limited Mission

Limited Mission is a PvE event that occurs suddenly after you clear EX Land Quest. Challenge Massive Bosses with your demon slayers members or citizens of your land.

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