Title Match ver 2.0

What is Title Match?

The Title Match is an official PvP event held on a regular basis.

During the period of a Title Match, you can gain BP ( Battle Point ) by battling against other players. You will get more BP by winning against a player who is strong.

Title Match Rankings are decided based on BP. The higher your BP, the higher your ranking will be!

You can get rewards ( Spheres ) or titles. The higher your rank is, the better the rewards. *You can check your title in your profile page.

Rules and Requirements

There are some rules and requirements for each title match. Special Regulations are planned to added once or twice a month.

Title Matches are free to join, so feel free to come in and enjoy.

There are limits to attacking other players in a day. The count will be reset at UTC 3 pm.

You can attack any players of your choice.

Basically, you can’t join multiple title matches when they are held at the same time. However, please check the notice as you may be able to participate in more than one event.

No longer attack an opponent who has won once during the tournament.

Determination of ranking

Rankings will be determined by the amount of acquired BP. When there are two or more players with the same amount of BP, the rankings will be determined as follows: ( Condition 2 applies only if Condition 1 is the same )

1, The sum of added damage ranking(As Attackers) 2, The order of joining the title match

BP(Battle Point)

There are 3 types of BP ・VBP - Victory Battle Point ・BBP - Bonus Battle Point ・DBP - Defense Battle Point

VBP - Victory Battle Point

VBP is BP that you can gain when you win in your offence (attack). VBP is calculated based on the strength of Unit/Sphere of either OFF(Offence) Party or DEF(Defence) Party.

When BP of your OFF PT or DEF PT is more than that of your current BP, it is updated in following conditions. -When BP of your OFF PT is higher than that of your current BP, it is updated after you attack other players. -When BP of your DEF PT is higher, it is updated after saving the party.

Because of this, BP of your Party is always the highest in your history. We recommend you to create strong party.

VBP = Sum of (Base Point + Level/5) of each Unit/Sphere of the opponent's Party whose BP is the highest

▼Base Point

























Example 1) The party is consist of 5 Legendary Unit with lv.100 and 10 Legendary Sphere with lv.100 VBP = (60+100/5)*5 + (30+100/5)*10 = 900

Example 2) The party is consist of 5 Epic Unit with lv.90 and 10 Epic Sphere with lv.90 VBP = (35+90/5)*5 + (25+90/5)*10 = 695

BBP - Bonus Battle Point

Only when you win an attack, you can get bonus points in addition to your VBP, depending on the battle. The types of points are as follows. BBP is calculated based on VBP and rate of each categories.

The rate of each category will be decided for each title match



Surviving Allies

Bonus for more surviving allies

Unique Units

Bonus for using different units

BB count of Allies

Bonus for less BB actions of allies

BB count of Enemies

Bonus for less BB actions of enemies

Total Action

Bonus for less total actions

Status Ailment

Bonus for casting Status Ailment for enemies(Max: 10 counts)


Bonus for casting Buff for allies(Max: 10 counts)

Weak Element Attack

Bonus for weak element attack to enemies(Max: 10 counts)

Example) The title match with the regulation that "Surviving Allies" is 16% at maximum. When you win the opponent of 600VBP with surviving 5 units, you can get about 96BP (600×about 16%) as Surviving Allies Bonus.

*"Status Ailment", "Buff" and "Weak Element Attack" will be counted once per actions.

DBP - Defense Battle Point

If you are attacked and successfully defeated, you will get DBP. DBP is calculated according to the strength of the units and spheres of the attacking party you defeated.

If a player earns more than one Defense BP from the same player, the Defense BP is subtracted from the second acquisition.

Example) When you successfully defeat the attack(worth 100DBP) You can get 100DBP for the first time. And 50DBP for the second time, and 25DBP for the third time.......

You will not lose any BPs if you fail to defend.

DBP is limited to 1000BP at maximum per day. And it reset every 3 pm UTC.

Content is subject to change.

Defense Party

In the title match ver 2.0, there will be a defense party separate from the attacking party. Please note that any attacks from other players will be taken by the Defense Party.

Unlike the attacking party, once you change to the defending party, a certain amount of cool time will be required before you can change it again.

The contents may be changed outside of the title match period.

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