💡How to use BPC/ELS at BFH

# 1. Prepare your wallet app To play BFH and use tokens (BPC/ELS), you need to prepare a wallet app.

# 2. Add networks To use BPC/ELS in BFH, you need to add two networks: Oasys and HOME Verse. You can add a network by pressing "Change Network" in the Profile -> Point List page in BFH game. Alternatively, you can manually add a network. Please refer to the following article for the manual procedure. https://medium.com/bravefrontierheroes/important-announcement-of-oasys-and-home-verse-integration-9b0ead263c4

# 3. Obtain BPC/ELS You can obtain BPC/ELS from external exchanges. BPC/ELS are available on the following exchanges. *We cannot provide specific information on how to purchase BPC/ELS, please understand. *This information is not investment advice. Please make purchase decisions at your own responsibility.We do not guarantee the legality, integrity, safety, accuracy, or public order and morals of the content of any third-party websites that can be accessed via links. CEX - [MEXC Global](https://www.mexc.com/ja-JP/login) ※ ELS is not available. DEX - [Tealswap](https://tealswap.com/) If you obtained BPC from CEX, you need to transfer it to your wallet that you use in BFH.

# 4. Bridge BPC/ELS to HOME Verse To use BPC/ELS in Brehiro, you need to bridge it to HOME Verse. In the BFH game, go to Profile -> Point List -> Bridge page. Select the Oasys -> HOME Verse tab, enter the amount of BPC/ELS you want to bridge. When you press "Bridge", the wallet app will open. First, approve the use of token. Then, approve the bridge execution and wait for a few minutes. ※ At this time, a small amount of OAS token is required as gas fee. ※Gas fee is required for the bridge from Oasys to HOME Verse, but not for the bridge from HOME Verse to Oasys.

# 5. Check if BPC/ELS has arrived at HOME Verse In the BFH game, go to Profile -> Point List page. Press "Switch to HOME Verse" to switch the network to HOME Verse. You can see the amount of BPC/ELS you hold on HOME Verse. If the amount you sent earlier is displayed, the bridge was successful. Please note that it may take a little time for the bridge due to the transaction. ※ If you already held BPC/ELS on HOME Verse, check if the number has increased.

# 6. Use BPC/ELS in BFH If you have brought BPC/ELS to HOME Verse, you can finally use it in BFH. If you have BPC, you can use it for payment in the in-game market or purchase Delta summon tickets. If you have ELS, you can use it to purchase Memorabilia generation tickets or U-limited Delta summon tickets. The procedure is as follows: 1. Select what you want to purchase (unit, ticket, etc.) in the market. 2. Select "Purchase with BPC/ELS". 3. The wallet app will open. First, approve the usage limit. 4. After the usage limit approval is successful, approve the purchase. 5. Purchase successful. ※ If it fails, you will receive a notification. Please try again.

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