💡How to transfer your gamedata to other place / Smartphone [BFH APP] to PC(MetaMask)

# 1.Launch Smartphone App and tap [Assets], then tap upper right gear icon

# 2.Tap [⁝]

# 3.Tap [Backup Keystore] ※You do not have to enter password here.

# 4.Enter password and tap [BACKUP]

# 5.Tap [Backup]

Paste "Keystore" to a memo, txt for backup. <Caution> Be careful to leak your backup phrase(Keystore) to others.

# 6.Send memo which have keystore information to your PC

Send private key information to your PC by QR code or mail so on. ※Be careful for leaking private key information, please handle it under your own responsibility.

# 7.Save the memo which have keystore information in the format ".json"

Change the file format " .txt" to ".json" and save it manually!! *If importing with a JSON file, which will be described later, does not proceed smoothly, create a JSON file with a different notepad software.

# 8. Launch MetaMask, Click Upper right icon

※When you do not have any wallet, Please check the bellow for Installing MetaMask wallet. (PC)Install MetaMask wallet

# 9. Click [Import Account]

# 10.Select [JSON File] from Select Type

# 11.Select Json file which have keystore information and click [Import]

*Enter the password of the Keystore (password of BFG APP).

# 12.Wait fo a while untill completing import

★Congratulations!! finally, complete transferring ETH address(Which linked Game accout)!

Now you can play with the same account on your PC!

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