[Old]World Crown ChampionShip(WCC)

World Crown Cup (WCC)

This is the competition to determine the representative of each Land and fight against each other for honor.

There are two types of battles, "WCC Trials" ,"WCC Final".

WCC Trials

Land representatives will be determined by this match.

Similar to Title Match, there will be different classes for representatives.

  1. Legendary class(Available Rarity: C~L)・・・5 people

  2. Epic class(Available Rarity: C~E)・・・5 people

  3. Rare class(Available Rarity: C~R)・・・5 people

Once determined, the 15 representatives of each land will fight against the representatives of other Lands.

WCC Final

Each Land's representatives will fight against other Land’s representatives of the same class. (Legendary class representatives will fight against other Legendary class representatives, not with Epic or Rare representatives.)

It's a team competition style and the team who wins twice first will be the winner. ※Those 3 battles will be executed regardless of results.

Winning point will be calculated based on the following table


Winning point







The Land with the highest number of winning points will be the winner of the competition.

※If the number of winning points is the same, the amount of damage dealt will be considered.


Rewards are as follows

  1. Lands's special emblem・・・Lands ranked in 1st ~3rd will receive special emblem.

  2. Winner's special icon/title・・・Representatives of those 3 countries ranked in 1st ~ 3rd will receive special emblem

  3. Team's special emblem・・・Top 3 team with highest winning point will receive special emblem.

  4. Representatives emblem・・・All representatives will receive special emblem

  5. ZEL to Land Treasury・・・Lands ranked in 1st ~ 3rd will receive a certain amount of ZEL to Land Treasury

Emblems will be different based on the ranking and etc

Emblems will be returned back to the developers at the time of the next competition.

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