There are various types of tickets, each of which can be used for the corresponding content.

Refresh Status Ticket

Originally, 2000 EXP is required to refresh a unit's status, but by consuming one ticket, a unit's status can be refreshed without consuming EXP. There are two types of Refresh Status tickets: regular Refresh Status tickets and special Refresh Status tickets.

Froitier Mission Ticket

This ticket allows you to participate in the mission of your choice by consuming one ticket while the number of frontier missions or land frontier missions that can be attempted is 0.

‼️Frontier Mission

Land Admit Ticket

By consuming one piece, you can enter any Land without consuming Zell.



Memoria Generation Ticket

*To be implemented soon. Memoria generation can be performed by consuming the specified number of pieces. You can get it by exchanging it with ELS or ELS points.

Memoria Generation(NEW)

Delta Summon Ticket

*To be implemented soon. Delta Summoning can be performed by consuming a specified number of tickets. It can be obtained by exchanging BPC or BPC points.

Delta Summon(NEW)

Silver Card

Users can use it to pay for a variety of in-game content. Eligible items include the following contents

・Land edit scrap (base camp/training grounds/factory) ・Unit art changes ・Sphere story changes ・Limit break resets ・Land entry fee

One Silver Card can be exchanged at the BFH Point Exchange by spending 10 BFH Points. It can also be obtained through rewards such as beginner missions.

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