[New]Prediction Votes & Land Lottery

Prediction Votes

This is a content where you predict the rankings in WCC and aim to win luxurious prizes. If you belong to a land, you can cast prediction votes, with the number of votes determined by your stamina level. When affiliated with a land, you start with "2 votes" worth of voting tickets, and you can earn additional voting tickets based on your stamina limit as follows.

Use these votes to predict and vote for the 1st to 6th place rankings.

If your prediction hits the mark, prizes will be distributed through a draw or distribution method. You can receive prizes even if only some of your predictions are correct, so try voting with various combinations. The more predictions you get right, the more prizes you can win. Note that hitting many correct votes may lead to winning more prizes.

Contents are subject to change

Land Lottery

This is a lottery where all members of the land can participate. Prizes include spheres and material items, and all participants will receive something, so we encourage everyone to join. Additionally, prizes are prepared individually for each of the six lands, making it easier to win in lands with fewer participants. Moreover, owning more territories increases your chances of winning! T o participate, press the "Join" button on the Land Lottery homepage before the draw date. Please note that once you participate, you won't be able to leave your country or transfer your own land's territories until the distribution of lottery prizes is completed.

This will not effect your territories. All Land holders can participate.

You cannot vote in land which you do not own or belong to ※For those held after February 1, 2023, you can vote even if you are not a member of your land's territory.

Contents are subject to change

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