Player Match

What is Player Match?

Player Match is a PvP mode where you can enjoy battles using your assets with other players.

You can create your own lobby and fight with your friends.

You also can hold tournaments or your very own cup battle if you make full use of this function. ( If you do so, please post it to twitter and discord. The devs can help you deliver it to more players )

※You can create and join lobbies for free ( some lobbies require Prime membership )

There are three rules.

  • League   ・・・Battle with all players in the lobby.

  • Team    ・・・All participants will be grouped into 2 teams and will battle against the other team. You can select which team to join. 1 vs many is also possible in this mode.

  • Tournament ・・・Tournament will be created randomly.

How to use

In the Player Match page, you can create a lobby. At that point, you can set your desired battle types(league, team or tournament), when to start the battle(because the battle will be executed automatically) , rules, name of your lobby, and so on.

The battle will be executed automatically at the time the lobby creator scheduled.

There are Private lobbies and Public lobbies. You can join a private lobby if you have the password( The lobby creator knows the password )

You can create a lobby 10 times a day, and the limit will be reset every UTC 3 pm.

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