Stock-linked Dutch Auction

Currently suspended.

Uncommon Unit is sold at 200 ZEL (using fixed-price selling, not dutch auction)

Stock linked Dutch Auction

The price will be determined by following 3 factors.

①The end price of last sold unit

After the official release (1st sale), the initial price of same rarity unit's will be 70% of the average of the final purchase price of the previous same rarity’s units.

In the case when some units with the same rarity was sold within the same period, the next sale's price will be the average of those end price.

From seventh sale, initial price is equal to the average of the final purchase price of the previous same rarity’s units.(Epic, Rare Only)

When we sell units whose rarity is same as the units on sale (such as collaboration and campaigns), its initial price is the same as that of the units on sale.

②The price will go down as time passes

・The price of unit will go down as time passes during the sale period. When the stock runs out, the price wont't go down.

There is the guaranteed minimum price. The price can go down until it reaches its guaranteed minimum price. During the maintenance the price will also drop.


Decrease Rate

Guaranteed minimum Price Rare

Legendary(Limited Legendary)

15% / day

70% of highest purchased price


15% / day

60% of highest purchased price


20% / day

50% of highest purchased price







③The price will go up when someone buys it

・Every time unit is being purchased, the price will increase. Less stock, more % of increase (up to 100%)


・There is a cooling time (for 1 minute) to buy same unit of type after your purchase. ・The minimum guaranteed price and % of increase or drop of price are subject to change depending on the situation.

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