Delta Summon(NEW)

Delta Summon

You can summon your own original units of your choice by combining memoria.

How to Delta Summon. Delta Summon requires a “Delta Summon Ticket”. Delta Summon Tickets can be obtained by exchanging them for Brave Power Crystal (BPC), a cryptographic asset, or Brave Power Crystal Points (BPCP), which can be obtained in-game, at a ratio of 1:1. *Only Uncommon Delta Summon Tickets can be obtained in exchange for ELS or ELSP.

There are four rarity levels of units that users can summon.

  • Legendary

  • Epic

  • Rare

  • Uncommon

Units can be summoned by consuming the avatars, BBs, and statuses obtained by generating memorias and the prescribed number of Delta Summon Tickets. Avatars, BBs, and status can be freely combined as long as they are of the same rarity.

Delta Summon Cost









200(U-only tickets)

Certificate is generated at the time of minting. The increase in Stamina depends on the unit’s avatar. There is no maximum number of units to be issued.

The contents are subject to be changed.

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